Direction Sense Test - Logical Reasoning (MCQ) Questions for Q. 28705

Q.  Solve the following questions and choose the correct alternative from the following.
  • Aman runs towards North for 10 m, turns left and runs another 20 m.
  • He turns right and walks slowly for 10 m. Then he again turns right, walks another 50 m and stops.
In which direction is he with respect to his initial position?

- Published on 07 Jul 17

a. South-East
b. North-East
c. North-West
d. South-West

ANSWER: North-East
Tip: To answer the questions on this topic, always draw a rough diagram representing directions East, West, North, South, North-West, North-East, South-West, South-East.

Now draw the diagram, as per the given instructions.

As per the given directions, Aman runs 10 m north, turns left and runs another 20 m.

Then, he turns right, walks another 10 m, again turns right and walks another 50 m.

So, he is in North-East direction with respect to his initial position.
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