Direction Sense Test - Logical Reasoning (MCQ) Questions for Q. 29411

Q.  A sales executive went to meet his client A in another office 17 km away in the North-east direction of his own office. From there he went to see client B in an office 15 km in the south of his client A’s office. How far from the starting point and in what direction is he now?
- Published on 07 Jul 17

a. 8 km, west
b. 8 km, east
c. 7 km, west
d. 7 km, east

ANSWER: 8 km, east
The executive moves from his office O to office A and then to office B.
Clearly, Triangle OAB is right-angled triangle.
So, OA2 = OB2 + AB2
OB2 = OA2 – AB2
OB = 172 - 152 = 264 = 8
Thus, the executive is 8 km to the east of his initial position.

direction 1567 15

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