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Q.  How can a tuple be divided in a relational schema?
- Published on 27 Aug 15

a. Domains
b. Queries
c. Relations
d. Joins

ANSWER: Domains


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 02 Nov 15
    Relational schema
    - This schema also refers to as database schema.

    - The collection of relation schemas for a whole database is the database schema.

    - Relational or Database schema is a collection of meta-data.

    - The structure and constraints of data representing in a particular domain are described in the database schema.

    - A Relational schema can be described a blueprint of a database that outlines the way data is organized into tables.

    - This blueprint will not contain any type of data.

    - In a relational schema, each tuple is divided into fields called Domains .

    - In data management and database analysis, a data domain refers to all the values which a data element may contain.

    - The rule for determining the domain boundary may be as simple as a data type with an enumerated list of values.

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