Electrochemical corrosion - Which chemical reaction occurs at cathode?

Q.  Which type of chemical reaction is observed at cathode, in electrochemical corrosion?
- Published on 11 Sep 15

a. Oxidation reaction
b. Peretectic reaction
c. Reduction reaction
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Reduction reaction


  • Kartik   -Posted on 17 Mar 21
    The simple way to remember this is
    L= LEFT

    And the all opposite terms for cathode
  • Sravanthi    -Posted on 16 Nov 15
    - During electrochemical corrosion, transfer of electrons takes place. Corrosion cell is formed due to electrons and ions produced due to corrosion reaction.

    - Corrosion cell exists only if it contains anode, cathode, metal path and electrolyte.

    - On anode, oxidation takes place and electrons are evolved. These electrons are consumed by the cathode and result in reduction reaction.

    - The flow of electrons from anode to cathode takes place through metal path.

    - Ionic current flows through the electrolyte. The products of oxidation and reduction are formed in this electrolyte.

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