Emitter resistance in self-bias BJT

Q.  Which resistance plays a significant role in stabilization of Q-point for self-biasing circuit of BJT?
- Published on 24 Sep 15

a. Emitter resistance
b. Collector resistance
c. Source resistance
d. Drain resistance

ANSWER: Emitter resistance


  • Satyawati   -Posted on 05 Oct 15
    By taking into consideration the effect of source resistance in MOSFETs, it leads to the stabilization of Q-point against the several changes in the parameters associated with the MOSFET.

    These parameters include conduction parameters and threshold voltage that arises due to fabrication tolerances in channel length,channel width, oxide thickness or carrier mobility. They exhibit variations from device to device & also results in the variation of Q-point position. Therefore, source resistance has the ability to minimize the change in position of Q-point & hence it is included in the biasing circuit.

    Similarly, the emitter resistance in self-biased circuit of BJT has the ability to reduce the variation level of Q-point position and thereby plays a cardinal role in Q-point stabilization.

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