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Q.  Haryana is to become first state in the country to have what kind of scientific mapping done for groundwater resources?
- Published on 19 Feb 16

a. Aquifer mapping
b. Groundwater mapping
c. Water level mapping
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Aquifer mapping
Haryana will become the first state in India to have aquifer mapping carried out for groundwater resources by May. It is one of 8 states selected for scientific mapping during the first phase- the others being Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. An aquifer refers to an underground layer of water bearing rock from which groundwater can be obtained. Mapping will help to estimate quantity and quality of groundwater. Mapping aims to know exact location of aquifer- size quantum of water and recharge point. Programme aims to complete the mapping of the entire country by 2022 and the 8 states by 2017. Mapping is being done by Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) on the scale of 1:50,000 in 3D using advanced technologies and sophisticated softwares. Mapping will predict groundwater scenario in the nation. Currently 1071 of 6607 groundwater assessment units in the country are over exploited and 914 units are in stages of groundwater criticality.

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