Equivalence Partitioning characteristics - Boundary value analysis

Q.  Which is/are the characteristics of Equivalence Partitioning?
- Published on 30 Jul 15

a. In equivalence-partitioning technique we need to test only one condition from each partition.
b. If one condition in a partition works, we assume all of the conditions in that partition will work.
c. if one of the conditions in a partition does not work, then we assume that none of the conditions in that partition will work.
d. Equivalence partitions and equivalence classes both terms mean exactly the same thing.
e. All of the above

ANSWER: All of the above


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 05 Nov 15

    - Equivalence partitioning is used to reduce the total number of test cases to a finite set of test cases, still covering maximum requirements.

    - In this method, the input domain data is divided into different equivalence data classes.

    - It is the process of taking all possible test cases and placing them into classes.

    - It is a specification-based or black-box testing.

    - It can be applied at any level of testing and is often a good technique to use first.

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