Error reporting types

Q.  Consider the following types,

I. Destination unreachable
II. Source quench
III. Query Messages
IV. Time exceeded
V . Redirection
In the above, which is/are the error reporting types?

- Published on 19 Oct 15

a. I, II, III
b. I, II, IV, V
c. III, IV, V
d. III, II, IV, V



  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 26 Oct 15

    - Following are the error reporting messages:

      1. Destination unreachable
      2. Source quench
      3. Time exceeded
      4. Redirection

    - These are the ICMP error messages. ICMP is an error reporting. This is one of the important responsibility of ICMP.

    - ICMP does not correct the errors but it is designed to check the errors.

    - It always sends the error reporting messages back to the original source.

    - Destination unreachable : When a router cannot forward or deliver an IP packet, it sends a destination unreachable ICMP message back to the original source.

    - Source quench : A host or router uses source quench messages to report congestion to the original source and to request it to reduce its current rate of packet transmission.

    - Time exceeded : It is generated by a gateway to inform the source of a discarded datagram due to the time to live field reaching zero.

    - Redirection : Redirect requests data packets be sent on an alternative route. It is a mechanism for routers to convey routing information to hosts.

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