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Q.  What is the correct formula for Euler's equation of motion?

ρ = density of the fluid
p = pressure force
g = acceleration due to gravity
v = velocity of the fluid

- Published on 04 Aug 15

a. (∂p / ρ) + (∂g / ρ) + (∂v / ρ) = 0
b. (∂p / ρ) + (∂g / ρ) + (v dv) = 0
c. (∂p / ρ) + (g dz) + (v dv) = 0
d. (p dp) + (g dz) + (v dv) = 0

ANSWER: (∂p / ρ) + (g dz) + (v dv) = 0


  • Pankaj   -Posted on 28 Sep 15
    Euler's equation of motion is an equation of net force acting on an ideal flowing fluid. Net force of ideal flow is equal to the sum of nonzero values of pressure force and gravity force. It is useful for the study of ideal fluid and also of real fluid where viscous force is negligible.

    The formula of Euler's equation of motion for a streamline in which flow takes place in particular direction having density (ρ), pressure force (p), acceleration due to gravity (g) and velocity (v) is,

    (∂p / ρ) + (g dz) + (v dv) = 0

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