Every requirement checked by cost-effective process - Planning and Managing the Project

Q.  If every requirement can be checked by a cost-effective process, then the SRS is _________ .
- Published on 24 Jul 15

a. Verifiable
b. Traceable
c. Modifiable
d. Complete

ANSWER: Verifiable


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 13 Oct 15
    - An SRS is verifiable only if every requirement stated therein is verifiable.

    - A requirement is verifiable if and only if there exists some finite cost effective process with which a person or machine can check that the software product meets the requirement.

    - In general, any ambiguous requirement is not verifiable.

    - Non- verifiable requirements include statements such as "works well"," good human interface" and "shall usually happen".

    - These requirements cannot be verified because it is impossible to define the terms "good","well" and "usually".

    - The statement that " the program shall never enter an infinite loop" is non-verifiable because the testing of this quality is theoretically impossible.

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