Evolutionary Development Model where requirements implemented by category - Process Modelling and SDLC

Q.  The model in which the requirements are implemented by its category is ______ .
- Published on 24 Jul 15

a. Evolutionary Development Model
b. Waterfall Model
c. Prototyping
d. Iterative Enhancement Model

ANSWER: Evolutionary Development Model


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 06 Oct 15
    Evolutionary development model

    - It resembles iterative enhancement model.

    - The same phases as the waterfall model are defined here in a cynical fashion.

    - This model differs from iterative enhancement model in the sense that this does not require a usable product at the end of each cycle.

    - In evolutionary development, requirements are implemented by category rather than by priority.

    - For example, in a simple database application, one cycle might implement the graphical user interface (GUI); another file manipulation; another queries; and other updates.

    - All four cycles must complete before there is working product available.

    - GUI allows the users to interact with the system; file manipulation allows data to be saved and retrieved; queries allow users to get data out of the system; and updates allow users to put data into the system.

    - With any one of those parts missing, the system will be unusable.

    - In contrast, an iterative enhancement model would start by developing a very simplistic, but usable database.

    - On the completion of each cycle, the system would become more sophisticated.

    - It,would,however,provide all the critical functionality by the end of the first cycle.

    - Evolutionary development and iterative enhancement are somewhat interchangable.

    - Evolutionary development should be used when it is not necessary to provide a minimal version of the system quickly.

    - This model is useful for projects using new technology that is not well understood.

    - This is also used for complex project where all functionality must be delivered at one time, but the requirements are unstable or not well understood at the beginning.

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