Failure of component due to buckling

Q.  Which factors are responsible for the failure of a component due to buckling?
- Published on 14 Sep 15

a. Yielding
b. Plastic deformation
c. Elastic instability
d. All of the above

ANSWER: Elastic instability


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 30 Oct 15
    - In buckling failure, structural member is subjected to high compressive stress. The compressive stress at point of failure is less than ultimate compressive stress which a material can withstand.

    - Buckling failure is caused when a long member is subjected to compressive force and as this force increases, the member undergoes slight lateral displacement and eccentric bending is observed which is greater than internal elastic restoring. As bending is greater the column collapses and results in buckling failure.

    - Elastic instability is responsible for the failure of a component due to buckling. Compressive failure is caused due to yielding or plastic deformation.

    - Buckling load can be determined by using Euler formula, J.B. Johnson formula and Rankine formula.

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