File required to apply settings to all ASP.NET applications - machine.config

Q.  __________________ file apply settings to all ASP.NET applications
- Published on 16 Jun 15

a. web.config
b. machine.config
c. global.asax file
d. application object

ANSWER: machine.config


  • Sangeeta   -Posted on 13 Sep 15
    Machine.config, contains settings that apply to an entire ASP.NET applications. This file is located at the following path:
    \WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\[Framework Version]\CONFIG\machine.config
    It is used to configure the application according to a particular machine. That is, configuration done in machine.config file is affected on any application that runs on a particular machine. You can override machine.config file setting by using Web.config file. You can add more than one Web.config file but can have only one machine.config file. This is automatically installed when you install Visual Studio. Net. This file is at the highest level in the configuration hierarchy.

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