First event of ASP.NET page when user requests a web page - Preinit

Q.  Which is the first event of ASP.NET page, when user requests a web page?
- Published on 16 Jun 15

a. PreLoad
b. Load
c. Preinit
d. Init

ANSWER: Preinit
1) PreInit: This event is also useful when you are dynamically (from code) set values such as master page, theme or dynamically created controls for a page.
2) Init: This event fires after each control has been initialized.
3) InitComplete: This event fires all initializations of the page and its controls have been completed.
4) PreLoad: Executes before view state has been loaded for the page and its controls and before PostBack processing.
5) Load: This event checks for PostBack and then sets control properties.
6) Control (PostBack) event(s): This event fires when any events on the page or its controls that caused the PostBack to occur. For example button’s click event.
7) LoadComplete: At this point all controls are loaded.
8) PreRender: This event fires after all regular PostBack event have taken place. It is executed before saving ViewState.
9) SaveStateComplete: If anyone makes changes to the page’s controls at this point or beyond, they are ignored.
10) Render: This event generates the client-side HTML, DHTML, and script that are necessary to display a control at the browser.
11) UnLoad: This event is used for cleanup code.

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