First scanning helium microscope developed by Aussie scientists

Q.  Aussie scientists have discovered the world’s first scanning __________ microscope opening doors for scrutinising materials without disturbing them.
- Published on 17 May 16

a. Helium
b. Radium
c. Strontium
d. Cadmium

ANSWER: Helium
The World-first scanning helium microscope has been built by Australian researchers who feel it could "open doors" for many new discoveries by allowing scientists to scrutinize materials without disturbing them.
  • Paul Dastoor of University of Newcastle who has been working on the scanning helium microscope (SHeM) for two decades
  • This will permit humans, animals and plant samples as well as computer chips and pharmaceutical drugs without any damage or change.
  • The scanning helium microscope means the samples will be analysed in their true state for the first time ever and every time a new microscope was developed there had been enormous scientific advances.
  • The scientist said SHeM could be useful in major industries such as solar energy, defence, explosives and information technology.

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