Fluid Mechanics - Mechanical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers for Q. 4043

Q.  According to Archimede's principle, if a body is immersed partially or fully in a fluid then the buoyancy force is _______ the weight of fluid displaced by the body.
- Published on 05 Aug 15

a. equal to
b. less than
c. more than
d. unpredictable

ANSWER: equal to


  • tadese bekele   -Posted on 07 Aug 18
  • Dipak   -Posted on 25 Sep 15
    The Archimede's principle states that, when a body is immersed partially or fully in a fluid, then the buoyancy force provided by fluid to uplift the body is equal to the weight of the body. Therefore, as the weight of the body immersed in fluid increases the buoyancy force also increases.

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