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Q.  Arrange the following phases of a Formal Review according to the order in which they are conducted.
1. Preparation
2. Kick of
3. Review meeting
4. Planning
5. Follow up
6. Rework

- Published on 30 Jul 15

a. 1,2,4,3,6,5
b. 4,1,2,3,6,5
c. 4,2,1,3,6,5
d. 4,2,1,3,5,6

ANSWER: 4,2,1,3,6,5


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 17 Nov 15

    - Formal review is a well structured and regulated.

    - It follows a formal process. Moderator leads a formal review process.

    - Formal review process steps :

      1. Planning
      2. Kick-off
      3. Preparation
      4. Review meeting
      5. Rework
      6. Follow-up

    1. Planning : This is the first phase of the formal review. This phase begins with a request for review by the author to the moderator. A moderator has to take care of the scheduling like date, time, place and invitation of the review.

    2. Kick-off : This is an optional step in a review procedure. The main goal of this step is to give short introduction on the objectives of the review and the documents to everyone in the meeting.

    3. Preparation : In this phase, reviewers review the document individually using the related documents, procedures, rules and checklists provided.

    4. Review meeting : The review meeting consists of three phases :

      - 1. Logging phase : In this phase, the issues and the defects that have been identified during the preparation step are logged page by page.

      - 2. Discussion phase : If any issue needs a discussion then the item is logged and handled in the discussion phase.

      - 3. Decision phase : At the end of the meeting, a decision on the document under review has to be made by the participants.

    5. Rework : In this phase, if the number of defects found per page exceeds the certain level, then the document has to be reworked.

    6. Follow-up : In this phase, a moderator checks to make sure that the author has taken action on all known defects.

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