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Q.  What is the correct formula for absolute pressure?
- Published on 05 Aug 15

a. Pabs = Patm – Pgauge
b. Pabs = Pvacuum – Patm
c. Pabs = Pvacuum + Patm
d. Pabs = Patm+ Pgauge

ANSWER: Pabs = Patm+ Pgauge


  • Puneet kumar   -Posted on 01 Dec 18
    Pressure gauge measures the pressure above atm. pressure i.e its zero is equivalent to atmospheric pressure and all the pressure measured by it is added to atmospheric pressure value to obtain the absolute pressure at that point.
    That is why:-
    Pabs. = Patm +Pgauge
  • Ravi   -Posted on 25 Sep 15
    Absolute pressure is the pressure measured with reference to zero pressure or absolute vacuum pressure. Gauge pressure is the pressure which is measured above atmospheric pressure by pressure measuring instruments and vacuum pressure below the atmospheric pressure. Thus the summation of atmospheric pressure and gauge pressure is called as absolute pressure

    Pabs = Patm+ Pgauge

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