Formula for by pass factor - Thermodynamics

Q.  Air at dry bulb temperature Td1 is passed through the heating coil and some amount of air is by passed unaffected and leaves with dry bulb temperature Tb2 and the temperature of heated air is Td3 (where Td2 < Td3), what is the correct formula for by pass factor (The amount of air by passed unaffected)?
- Published on 21 Aug 15

a. Bypass Factor = (Td3 – Td2) / (Td3 – Td1)
b. Bypass Factor = (Td3 – Td1) / (Td3 – Td2)
c. Bypass Factor = (Td2 – Td1) / (Td2 – Td3)
d. Bypass Factor = (Td2 – Td3) / (Td2 – Td1)

ANSWER: Bypass Factor = (Td2 – Td3) / (Td2 – Td1)

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