Formula for COP of refrigerator - Thermodynamics

Q.  How is the COP of a refrigerator calculated?

- Published on 19 Aug 15

a. [COP]Ref. = Q1 / W
b. [COP]Ref. = Q2 / W
c. [COP]Ref. = W / Q1
d. [COP]Ref. = W / Q2

ANSWER: [COP]Ref. = Q2 / W


  • shubham patil   -Posted on 08 Dec 20
    The performence of a refrigeration system is expressed by term known as the "co-efficient odf performance", which is defined as the ratio of heat absorbed by the refrigerant while passing through the evaporator to the work input required to compress the refrigerant in the compresser ; in short it is the ratio between heat extracted to work done (in heat units).

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