Formula - Strain energy in uniform bar

Q.  Strain energy stored in a uniform bar is given as ______
- Published on 23 Sep 15

a. (σ E/ 2A)
b. (σ L/ 2AE)
c.2 AL/ 4E)
d.2 AL/ 2E)

ANSWER: (σ2 AL/ 2E)


  • vipin   -Posted on 15 Jun 16

    strain energy=stress*strain*voloume/2
    bcz strain=stress/E
    so =stress^2 *voloume/2E
    now voloume for bar = AL
    now = stress^2*AL/2E
  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 24 Nov 15
    - Strain energy is defined as the energy stored by a system which undergoes deformation under the application of load.

    - Strain energy stored in a uniform bar is given as (σ2 AL/ 2E)

    here, σ is the stress, E is the Young's modulus, AL is the volume

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