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Q.  Which of the following number is applicable in open hydraulic structure such as spillways, where gravitational force is predominant?
- Published on 05 Aug 15

a. Reynold's Number
b. Euler's Number
c. Weber's Number
d. Froude's Number

ANSWER: Froude's Number


  • Pankaj   -Posted on 05 Oct 15
    Force due to gravity is predominant in open hydraulic structures such as spillways, open channel flow. Froude's number is applicable in this situation.

    The square root of the ratio of inertia force and gravitational force is called as Froude's number.

    Fr = √(Inertia force / Gravitational Force)

    = √((Velocity/Time) / Acceleration due to gravity)

    = √((V/T) / g)

    As we know V = L/T
    T = L/V

    = √(V2 / L x g)

    Fr = V / √(L g)

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