Games and Tournament - Logical Reasoning (MCQ) Questions for Q. 29543

Q.  There are 64 players in a knock out tournament and every player is ranked (seeded) from 1 - 64.

The matches are played in such a manner that in round one the 1st seeded player plays with the 64th, 2nd with the 63rd and so on.
The players who win move on to the next round whereas others are out of the competition.

In second round, the winner of match 1 will play winner of the last match (which was between seed 32 and seed 33), and winner of match 2 will meet the winner of second last match in round 1 and so forth.

Thus, after all rounds winner is declared.

In a tournament of 128 players, who will play 40 in round 2 if there are no upsets?

- Published on 25 Apr 17

a. 25
b. 26
c. 27
d. 28

In round 2 there will be 64 players. So, the sum of seeding will be 65.
The opponent of 40 will be, 65 - 40 = 25

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