Giant footprint of Titanosaur found in Gobi Desert

Q.  Largest dinosaur footprint of which creature has been recorded in the Gobi Desert?
- Published on 03 Oct 16

a. Tyrannosaurus Rex
b. Brontosaurus
c. Diplodocus
d. Titanosaur

ANSWER: Titanosaur
Giant footprint of Titanosaur found in Gobi DesertOne of the largest dinosaur footprints recorded has been unearthed in the Gobi Desert providing researchers clues about these massive creatures.
  • A joint Japanese Mongolian team found the giant print
  • The perfectly preserved print, one of the few of its kind, measures 106cm in length and 77cm in width
  • The huge fossil was discovered in a geological layer formed 70-90 million years ago
  • It was naturally cast, as sand flowed into the dents left by the creature stepping on muddy ground
  • Foot print belongs to the long necked dinosaur Titanosaur, which according to some estimatlswas 20m tall and 30m long
  • This rare, well deserved fossil footprint is greater than a metre in length and bears the imprint of the claws
  • The plant eating Sauropod made the footprint, which is not an indention, but cast
  • Similar footprints have been discovered in Morocco and France; but this is the clearest print ever and can help scientists understand how dinosaurs walked.

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