Girl from Indian origin wins Google Science Fair Prize 2016

Q.  Which Indian origin school girl won the Google Science Fair Prize 2016 on Oct 1, 2016?
- Published on 04 Oct 16

a. Kiara Nirghin
b. Kiara Jirgin
c. Kiara Mirghin
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Kiara Nirghin
Girl from Indian origin wins Google Science Fair Prize 2016Kiara, an Indian girl of S. African nationality won the Google Science Fair prize 2016 winning the grand prize of USD 50,000 to use an orange peel for discovering a cheaper, super absorbent material that retains soil water
  • Her project was entitled “No More Thirsty Crops” and was aimed at tackling the severe drought plaguing South Africa. Her solution to the problem of drought uses orange and avocado fruit peel that is normally discarded
  • Google Science Fair is a programme for budding scientists between ages of 13-18 who solve world challenges through science and technology
  • Kiara’s project uses the fruit peel to serve as a SAP or super absorbent polymer alternative, which absorbs and carries 300 times its own weight in liquid relative to the mass
  • SAPs are not biodegradable and are costly and full of chemicals
  • It was after 45 days of studies that Kiara succeeded in creating low cost, SAP made out of products from the juice manufacturing industry
  • The polymer can retain large amounts of water, ensuring the soil remain moist and improving crop growth without regular water supplements.

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