Greater load carrying capacity of cylindrical roller bearings - Basic Mechanical Engineering

Q.  Cylindrical roller bearings have greater _____
- Published on 01 Sep 15

a. axial load carrying capacity
b. thrust load carrying capacity
c. radial load carrying capacity
d. all of the above

ANSWER: radial load carrying capacity


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 06 Nov 15
    The different types of roller bearings are:

    1) Cylindrical roller bearings: These bearings have high radial load carrying capacity than ball bearings because they have high contact area. These bearings do not take axial or thrust load.

    2) Needle roller bearings: These bearings can be used where radial space is limited. It is a special type of cylindrical roller bearing and has high radial load carrying capacity.

    3) Taper roller bearings: These bearings consists of tapered rollers. Taper roller bearings carry both radial and axial load but carry thrust or axial load in one direction. Hence are used in pairs to take axial load in both directions.

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