Hardness of a material - Basic Mechanical Engineering

Q.  Hardness of a material enables it to resist _______
- Published on 01 Sep 15

a. abrasion
b. penetration
c. plastic deformation
d. all of the above

ANSWER: all of the above


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 06 Nov 15
    - Hardness of a material is defined as the property of the material to resist penetration, abrasion, indentation or plastic deformation.

    - Hardness of a material is determined by using Brinell hardness number and Rockwell's hardness number.

    - In Brinell hardness test, the area of indentation is measured. This area of indentation is directly proportional to resistance offered by materials for indentation. In Rockwell's hardness test, resistance offered by the materials for depth indentation is measured. In this method, metal is said to be hard if depth of indentation is less.

    - Scratches, removal of surface material, etc occur during abrasion.

    - The change in shape of an object which is subjected to sufficient load is called as plastic deformation. Plastic deformation is defined as permanent deformation of the metals and elastic deformation results in temporary deformation of metals which regain their original shape after the applied load is removed.

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