Harvard scientists design new material to harvest water from thin air

Q.  Which are the plants that can harness water from thin air?
- Published on 26 Feb 16

a. Cactus
b. Pitcher Plant
c. Geraniums
d. Both a and b

ANSWER: Both a and b
Harvard scientists have designed a new material akin to organisms such as cacti, pitcher plants and desert beetles which harvest water from thin air. This is the first step towards developing a system that can collect water and guide it to reservoirs. While the Namib beetle collects water droplets on the bumps of its shell, the V shaped cactus spines move droplets into the body of the plant. Complex bioinspired approach involves the use of these natural systems and SLIPS/Slipper Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces Technology to collect and direct flow of water droplets that are condensed.

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