Health Ministry to frame regulations for in vitro fertilisation, embryo transfers and sperm banks

Q.  Following the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, health ministry is planning to frame regulations for which services?
- Published on 29 Aug 16

a. Sperm Banks
b. IVF
c. Embryo transfers
d. All of the above

ANSWER: All of the above
Following the Surrogacy Regulation Bill, the health ministry plans to frame regulations for in vitro fertilisation, embryo transfers and sperm banks.
  • Estimates show that assisted reproductive technology of which IVF and surrogacy services are most common is a INR 3000 crore industry
  • While regulating clinics, ART Bill is expected to set forth norms for procedures, sperm donations and embryo transfers as well
  • ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill is also expected to draw a clear framework for compensation and bringing out guidelines on pricing of such procedures.
  • The bill will be brought to public domain very soon
  • Draft bill is quite old and requires some changes. Things need to be brought under its purview and work is on to accomplish this
  • While regulations for surrogacy were also part of the overarching ART Bill, surrogacy was hived off and a separate legislation was framed for it
  • Union Cabinet approved the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016 imposing a ban on commercial surrogacy while allowing altruistic surrogacy where only close relatives can be surrogate mothers for Indian couples
  • Infertility in India is on the rise on account of erratic modern lifestyles and late marriages
  • Increasing number of couples are opting for ART
  • There are serious concerns over the success rate of ART
  • No official estimates or data on ARTs, sources in the government as well as industry say success rate of ART in India is not more than 20-30 percent.

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