Height and Distance - Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ) questions for Q. 29485

Q.  Guddi was standing on a road near a mall. She was 1000m away from the mall and able to see the top of the mall from the road in such a way that top of the tree, which is in between her and the mall, was exactly in line of sight with the top of the mall. The tree height is 10m and it is 20m away from Guddi. How tall is the mall?
- Published on 03 May 17

a. 423.5 m
b. 450 m
c. 470 m
d. 495 m

ANSWER: 470 m
height and distance


  • Aman   -Posted on 16 Apr 21
    okay....this is awesome if you cannot solve then change the values of question.......we can do this , I didn't knew.

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