Himalayas will have to contend with flooding. Andes will have long dry spells: Scientists

Q.  As a result of global warming, Himalayas will have to contend with flooding while Andes will have less water and _________, according to scientists.
- Published on 03 Aug 16

a. Desertification
b. Long dry spells
c. Heavy rains
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Long dry spells
Different regions of the planet will react to global warming differently according to scientists. Researchers have shown that people in the Himalayas will have to contend with flooding while those in Andes will have longer dry spells and less water.
  • Swiss researchers measured data and climate models to examine water balances in mountain ranges of upper Langtang valley in Nepal and Juncal region of central Andes.
  • While in the upper Langtang valley, water discharge will increase in the first half of this century by as much as 70 percent, Juncal region will become drier in the future.

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