How is worm gear pair designated?

Q.  A worm gear pair has 2 starts on worm thread, 11.2 as diametral quotient, 2 as module and 38 number of teeth on worm gear. How is the gear pair designated with these specifications?
- Published on 19 Oct 15

a. 2/11.2/38/2*
b. 11.2/2/38/2
c. 2/38/2/11.2
d. 2/38/11.2/2

ANSWER: 2/38/11.2/2


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 01 Oct 15
    Worm gear pair is designated as zw / zg / q / m / a.

    The (*) symbol indicates that the worm gear pair is self- locking. A worm gear pair is called as self locking when gear cannot drive the worm.

    Self-locking of worm and gear depends upon lead angle, pressure angle and coefficient of friction.

    Worm and worm gear are self locked if the tangent of lead angle is less than coefficient of friction.

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