HTTP Protocol is used in Application Layer - Networking

Q.  HTTP Protocol is used in ________.
- Published on 26 Aug 15

a. Application Layer
b. Data Link Layer
c. Transport Layer
d. Network Layer

ANSWER: Application Layer


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 23 Oct 15

    - HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is used in Application protocol.

    - It is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web.

    - HTTP is used to exchange or transfer hypertext.

    Why HTTP is designed?

    - It is designed to improve the communications between the clients and servers.

    - It is an application layer protocol designed within the framework of the Internet protocol suite.

    Work flow of HTTP

    - The protocol used for defining the legal request and replies is called as HTTP.

    - HTTP is a request-response protocol in the Client-Server Architecture model .

    - A client which runs an application on a computer and a computer hosting a website is a server. A client sends a request message to a server. A server which provides resources such as HTML files and other content, a server gives response message to the client. The response contains completion status information about the request and may also contain requested content in its message body.

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