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Q.  Where do we include the user lists for Form authentication?
- Published on 16 Jun 15

a. < credential>
b. < authorization>
c. < Identity>
d. < authentication>

ANSWER: < credential>


  • Raj Singh   -Posted on 18 Sep 15
    In credential section we can include the user lists for Form authentication.
    Example: Credentials for three user accounts are stored in the configuration file.
    < configuration>
    < system.web>
    < authentication mode="Forms">
    < forms loginUrl="/login.aspx">
    < credentials passwordFormat = "Clear">
    < user
    < user
    name=" Careerride2"
    < user
    name=" Careerride3"
    < /credentials>
    < /forms>
    < /authentication>
    < /system.web>
    < /configuration>

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