Indeterminate structures - Number of unknown quantities more than available conditions of equilibrium

Q.  Indeterminate structures have number of unknown quantities _________  available conditions of equilibrium.
- Published on 18 Sep 15

a. equal to
b. less than
c. more than
d. none of the above

ANSWER: more than


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 16 Dec 15
    Structure consists of different components such as slabs, beams, columns, etc. The structures have to satisfy fundamental criteria such as strength, stiffness, durability or compatibility for their existence.

    Determinate structures: If the number of unknown quantities are less than or equal to number of static conditions of equilibrium available then it is called as determinate structure.

    - To analyze determinate structures, equilibrium conditions are required. Different types of determinate structures are simply supported beams, cantilever beams, three hinged arcs, etc.

    Indeterminate structures: Indeterminate structures have number of unknown quantities more than available conditions of equilibrium. These structures are also called as redundant structures.

    - To analyze indeterminate structures along with equilibrium conditions, additional deformation conditions are also required. Different types of indeterminate structures are fixed beams, continuous beams, fixed arches, etc.

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