India recognized as major US defence partner

Q.  US President Barack Obama signed a defence law asking US to take steps to recognise which nation as its major defence partner?
- Published on 26 Dec 16

a. India
b. Pakistan
c. Bhutan
d. Nepal

India recognized as major US defence partnerUS President Barack Obama has signed into law a USD 618 billion defence budget for 2017, which enhances security cooperation with India ad conditions nearly half of the funding to Pakistan on a certification that is taking demonstrable steps against the Haqqani network.

Obama on 23rd Dec 2016 signed the NDAA or National Defence Authorisation Act 2017 which asks defence secretary and secretary of state to take steps to recognise India as America’s major defence partner

NDAA 2017 enhances security cooperation between US and India.

It also asks the administration to designate an individual within the executive branch who has the experience in defence acquisition and technology to reinforce and ensure, through inter-agency policy coordination, the success of the Framework for the US-India Defence Relationship and resolve remaining issues impeding US India defence trade, security cooperation and co-production and co-development opportunities.

The NDAA among other things, creates a USD 1.2 billion counter ISIL Fund imposing four conditions on Pakistan to be eligible for USD 400 million of the USD 900 million of the coalition support fund.

US Defence Secretary will also need to certify to the Congress that Pakistan continues to conduct military operations that are contributing to significantly disrupting terror havens and freedom of movement of the Haqqani Network in Pakistan and that Islamabad has taken steps to demonstrate the commitment to prevent the Haqqani network from using any of its territory as a safe haven.

Earlier in 2016, US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter refused to give similar certification to Pakistan due to which it was not given USD 300 million under coalition support fund.

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