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Q.  Which inheritance is not supported in java?
- Published on 10 Jul 15

a. Single inheritance
b. Multiple
c. Multilevel inheritance
d. Hybrid
e. Java supports all of the above

ANSWER: Java supports all of the above


  • mayur umbarkar   -Posted on 21 Jan 19
    Multiple inheritance is not supported because it leads to deadly diamond problem. However, it can be solved but it leads to complex system so multiple inheritance has been dropped by Java founders.
  • Kajal Sonawane   -Posted on 05 Jan 19
    The above answer is wrong..
    java Doesn't support multiple Inheritance
  • Rupesh Bharuka   -Posted on 29 Sep 16
    Java doesn't support multiple inheritance because of ambiguity problem. Ambiguity in the sense, what if two classes have same name? and what if any of the method in both the class has same name with similar signature? then there will be conflict which method to be called? That's why java doesn't support multiple inheritance.

    But, it can be achieved by the concept of "interface".
  • preethymol   -Posted on 02 Jun 16
    multiple inheritance is not supported in java

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