Kiran Global Chems Ltd. introduces indigenously-developed eco-friendly Geocement

Q.  New indigenously-developed eco-friendly cament has been developed in India called as
- Published on 27 Jan 16

a. Portland Cement
b. Clean Cement
c. Geocement
d. Green Cement

ANSWER: Geocement
Kiran Global Chems Ltd. has introduced its indigenously-developed eco-friendly Geocement which, the company claims, will play a role in cutting carbon emission levels while being stronger than Portland cement. Geocement will have a direct impact on bringing down the emissions levels significantly. For every tonne of cement production, there will be about 800 kg of CO2 emission. Though some countries have been engaged in development and piloting of green cement, Kiran Global Chems are the first one to come out with green cement for commercial use. Geocement, which is made out of industrial wastes, comes in two-part packing - 35 kg Geocement powder and 15 kg Geobinder liquid. Both can be mixed at construction sites like normal cement.

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