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Q.  What data structure is used to construct a Prev LSN in a database log?
- Published on 28 Aug 15

a. Queue
b. Link List
c. Graph
d. Tree

ANSWER: Link List


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 05 Nov 15
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    - It is a method of organizing stored data in a computer memory or on a storage medium based on the logical order of the data and not the physical order.

    - All stored data records are assigned a physical address in the memory.

    - It arranges the data by logic rather than by physical address.

    - They are used to organize data in specific desired logical orders, independent of the memory address each record is assigned to.

    - The data storage works best with data arrays in which one doesn't know how large the array will need to be or when there is a certainty of more data being added or subtracted at later times.

    - A disadvantage to linked list data storage is that the data must be accessed sequentially and cannot be accessed randomly.

    - Some common applications of linked lists include creating hash tables for collision resolution across communication channels, structuring binary trees, building stacks and queues in programming, and managing relational databases.

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