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Q.  Match the following List 1 to List 2

a. Literal Control ----------------- i. SingleLine, MultiLine, Password
b. Label Control ------------------ ii. CommandName
c. TextBox Control -------------- iii. Convert to span tag in HTML
d. Button Control ---------------- iv. PassThrough, Encode, Transform mode

- Published on 27 Jul 15

a. a-iv, b-iii, c-ii, d-i
b. a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-iii
c. a-ii, b-i, c-iii, d-iv
d. a-iv, b-iii, c-i, d-ii

ANSWER: a-iv, b-iii, c-i, d-ii


  • Raj   -Posted on 19 Oct 15
    Label Control: This control renders its contents in an HTML tag.
    Literal Control: This control has mode property that accepts any of the three values.
    • PassThrough.
    • Encode.
    • Transform mode.
    The Literal control is similar to the Label control but it does not render its content inside of a tag.
    TextBox Control: There is mode property of textbox control that has three main values.
    • SingleLine
    • Multiline
    • Password
    SingleLine is default mode of textbox control.
    Button Control: It has command name property that is passed to the Command event.

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