Load characteristics of an alternator

Q.  The given figure shows the load characteristics of an alternator. Which among the following is correct?

Load Characteristics of an Alternator

- Published on 29 Oct 15

a. A – Leading p.f., B – unity p.f., C – lagging p.f.
b. A – Lagging p.f., B – unity p.f., C – leading p.f.
c. A – Leading p.f., B – lagging p.f., C – unity p.f.
d. A – Unity p.f., B – leading p.f., C – lagging p.f.

ANSWER: A – Leading p.f., B – unity p.f., C – lagging p.f.


  • Mizan   -Posted on 08 Nov 19
    1.output current with speed of the alternator

    If the speed of the alternator is decreased then the output current of the alternator also decreased. therefore speed and output current of alternators both are directly proportional.

    2. efficiency with the speed of the alternator.
    If the speed of the alternator running lower then rated speed then the efficiency of the alternator will be reduced.

    3. current drop with increasing alternator temperature.
    If you want to know details then click the link

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