Lot Tolerance Percent Defective is also known as? - Metrology & Quality Control

Q.  Lot Tolerance Percent Defective is also known as?
- Published on 07 Aug 15

a. rejectable quality level
b. acceptance quality level
c. indifferent quality level
d. all of the above

ANSWER: rejectable quality level


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 27 Oct 15
    - Operating characteristics curve is obtained when probability of acceptance is plotted against percent defectives.

    - Producer's risk and customer's risk are two specific points through which sampling plan should pass on the O.C. curve.

    The different characteristics of O.C. Curve are
    1) Acceptable quality level
    2) Lot tolerance percent defective
    3) Indifferent quality level
    4) Average outing quality
    5) Effect of sampling size, lot size and acceptance number

    - Lot Tolerance Percent Defective is also known as rejectable quality level. It is a level in percent defective and is rejected by the sampling plan when considered unsatisfactory.

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