Lower case tools are used in Implementation, Testing and Maintenance - Delivering the System

Q.  Which tools are used in Implementation, Testing and Maintenance?
- Published on 22 Jul 15

a. Upper case tools
b. Lower case tools
c. Integrated case tools
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Lower case tools


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 21 Oct 15
    Components of CASE Tools

    - CASE tools can be broadly divided into the following parts based on their use at a particular SDLC stage:

    Central Repository
    - CASE tools require a central repository, which can serve as a source of common, integrated and consistent information.
    - It is a central place of storage where product specifications, requirement documents, related reports and diagrams, other useful information regarding management is stored.
    - It also serves as data dictionary.

    Upper Case Tools
    - They are used in planning, analysis and design stages of SDLC.

    Lower Case Tools
    - They are used in implementation, testing and maintenance.

    Integrated Case Tools
    - They are helpful in all the stages of SDLC, from Requirement gathering to Testing and documentation.

    - CASE tools can be grouped together if they have similar functionality, process activities and capability of getting integrated with other tools.

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