Manufacturing Processes - 2 - Mechanical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers for Q. 3835

Q.  Several machine tools can be controlled by a central computer in
- Published on 04 Aug 15

a. NC (Numerical Control) machine tool
b. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tool
c. DNC (Direct Numerical Control) machine tool
d. CCNC (Central-Computer Numerical Control) machine tool

ANSWER: DNC (Direct Numerical Control) machine tool


  • Pankaj Chaugule   -Posted on 19 Nov 15
    - A manufacturing system in which number of machines are interconnected with the help of a central computer through a direct connection in real time, is called as Direct Numerical Control (DNC) system.

    - In DNC system, several machine tools can be directly controlled by a central computer.

    - Punched tapes are eliminated in DNC system.

    - The information equivalent to the punched tape from each machine tool is received by the DNC computer and stored in disk or magnetic tape data storage.

    - There are four basic components of DNC system. They are as follows:

    1. Central Computer or DNC Computer

    2. Bulk memory which stores the NC programs

    3. Telecommunication lines

    4. Machine tools.

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