Material used for shafts

Q.  Which material cannot be used to manufacture shafts?
- Published on 14 Sep 15

a. Plain carbon steels
b. Cast iron
c. Both a. and b.
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Cast iron


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 03 Nov 15
    A shaft is made of materials having following desirable properties:

    1) High static strength
    2) High fatigue strength
    3) High resilience
    4) Good machinability
    5) Ductility

    - Hence, shafts are made of ductile materials such as plain carbon steels, alloy steels, etc.

    - Brittle materials such as cast iron are not used to make shafts as they are brittle and undergo oxidation. They may even undergo structural and mechanical failures.

    - Different materials used for shaft are: low carbon steels ( 20C8, 25C8), medium carbon steels (35C8, 40C8, 50C4) and high carbon steels (60C4, 65C6) and alloy steels (35Mn6Mo3, 40Cr4Mo2)

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