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Q.  What are the Memory Structures subdivided as?
- Published on 12 Aug 15

a. SGA
b. PGA
c. Sort Area
d. All mentioned above

ANSWER: All mentioned above


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 01 Sep 15
    - The basic memory structures associated with Oracle Database include:

    - System global area (SGA)
    - The SGA is a group of shared memory structures, known as SGA components, that contain data and control information for one Oracle Database instance.
    - The SGA is shared by all server and background processes. Examples of data stored in the SGA include cached data blocks and shared SQL areas.

    - Program global area (PGA)
    - A PGA is a nonshared memory region that contains data and control information exclusively for use by an Oracle process.
    - The PGA is created by Oracle Database when an Oracle process is started.
    - One PGA exists for each server process and background process.
    - The collection of individual PGAs is the total instance PGA, or instance PGA.
    - Database initialization parameters set the size of the instance PGA, not individual PGAs.

    - Sort Area
    - A sort operator uses the sort area to sort a set of rows.

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