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Q.  Minor losses do not make any serious effect in
- Published on 04 Aug 15

a. short pipes
b. long pipes
c. both the short as well as long pipes
d. cannot say

ANSWER: long pipes


  • Pankaj   -Posted on 21 Oct 15
    - The total head loss in fluid flowing through a pipe is summation of major loss and minor losses

    - But the names of “major” and “minor” do not necessarily reflect the importance of each type of loss. When a system contains many components like bends, teed, elbows etc. and a pipe is relatively of short length, then minor losses may actually be larger than the major losses.

    - In a typical system where the pipe is long, the losses due to the disturbance in flow are minor compared to the total head loss in the pipes.

    - Therefore, minor losses do not make any serious effect in long pipes
  • Pankaj   -Posted on 30 Sep 15
    The energy losses in pipe are classified into two categories such as major losses and minor losses. These losses occur in order to overcome hydraulic resistance.

    The losses due to friction in pipe are the major losses. They are present in all forms of pipes. These major losses are calculated by Darcy-Weisbach formula given below.

    hf = (4 f L V2) / (2 g D)

    The minor losses are the losses which occur due to disturbance in flow pattern. These losses are the result of sudden contraction of pipe or sudden expansion of pipe or bends in pipe etc. The minor losses are less as compared to major losses. In case of short pipes minor losses are considerable. But in long pipe, minor losses do not make any serious effect.

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