Most important parameter for location of Thirty Metre Telescope is Seeing

Q.  Which is the most important parameter to decide the location of hosting the Thirty Metre Telescope?
- Published on 16 Aug 16

a. Seeing
b. Cost of the project
c. Environmental concern
d. Temperature of the surrounding areas

ANSWER: Seeing
  • Key scientific parameter, viz. ‘Atmospheric turbulence or Seeing measured in arc-second’ is assessed while determining the location of telescopes.
  • An observer, be they at a mountain top observatory, or in their own back yard must, at all times contend with the Earth’s atmosphere. It is a notoriously unpredictable and limiting factor in obtaining fine views of the Planets, and close binary stars.
  • Hanle in Ladakh has been identified as one of the potential alternate sites for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). The original site for TMT was Mauna Kea in Hawaii in the United States of America.

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