Mutual Exclusion problem - SDLC

Q.  Mutual Exclusion problem occurs when _________ .
- Published on 14 Aug 15

a. Two disjoint process that do not interact
b. Process sharing same resources
c. Process not sharing same resources
d. None of these

ANSWER: Process not sharing same resources


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 01 Nov 15

    - Mutual exclusion problem occurs when the processes not sharing the same resource.

    - It is a program object that prevents parallel access to a shared resource.

    - Mutual exclusion is used in concurrent programming with a critical section, in which the processes or threads access shared resource.

    - It refers to the requirement of ensuring that no two concurrent processes are in their critical section at same time. It is a basic requirement in concurrent control to prevent race conditions.

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