Networking - Programming Language (MCQ) questions for Q. 11928

Q.  Which of the following is/are the Routing algorithms?
- Published on 23 Sep 15

a. Nonadaptive algorithm and Adaptive algorithm
b. Static routing and Dynamic routing
c. Distance vector routing and link state routing
d. Both a and b
e. All of the above

ANSWER: Both a and b


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 13 Oct 15

    - Routing is the process of selecting best paths in a network.

    - Routing is performed many operations including the telephone network, electronic data networks (such as, Internet) and transportation networks.

    - Routing algorithms are divided into two groups:

            1. Nonadaptive algorithms
            2. Adaptive algorithms

    - Nonadaptive algorithm is also known as, Static routing . For this type of algorithms the routing decision is not based on the measurement or estimation of current traffic and topology. The choice of the route is done in advance and it is downloaded to the routers.

    - Adaptive algorithm is also known as, Dynamic routing . For these algorithms the routing decision can be changed if there are any changes in topology or traffic.

    - Distance vector routing comes under Adaptive algorithm and Link state routing is the advanced version of distance vector routing.

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